Tiksuper The All-In-One Dropshipping Platform That Helps You Source & Ship ANYTHING From China

①. Our goal is to make all types of shippers possible through systemized personalized solutions.

You can ship thousands of SKUs, provide safe inventory for best-selling products, and more. The last thing to worry about is wide product selection, flexible inventory planning, fast delivery and stable service.

In addition to one-stop shipping solutions, Tiksuper also provides customized services for advanced shippers. From procurement, packaging customization to wholesale procurement, returns and re-sending, Tiksuper is always committed to solving the pain points in your shipping business and helping sellers to obtain higher profits with higher efficiency.

That is to say, whether it is just starting or has been established, Tiksuper is the perfect solution for your direct shipment!

②. There is no MOQ

③. Auto-Fulfill Your Orders

④. Rich choice of logistics channels

⑤. Purchase 1688 and Taobao products

⑥. Source directly from top Chinese manufacturers

YiSeamless Integration with Platforms

So far, we have worked with Shopify and are working hard to develop more e-commerce platforms. By linking your Tiksuper account to an e-commerce store, you will enjoy the following features:

①. import products from Tiksuper to store

②. Grab your AliExpress product and publish it to the store

③.Synchronize the order information in the store and execute

④. Rich choice of logistics channels

⑤.One click to find prices from AliExpress products

⑥. Synchronize tracking information to orders

⑦. Feedback on order after-sales issues

What are the advantages of using Tiksuper

The following is a comparison of platform advantages

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