Tiksuper The All-In-One Dropshipping Platform That Helps You Source & Ship Anything From China You only need to place an order with us and we will handle all remaining issues. Buying products at actual B2B prices saves you from manually merging orders, while our competitors are still using Excel or CSV files and selling them at B2C prices. Delivery service through Tiksuper dedicated logistics line.

Tiksuper works as dropshipping agency and provide variety of services for dropshippers, from sourcing, warehousing, order fulfillment to express shipping and packaging customization.

We recommend you choose Shopify platform as Tiksuper works best with Shopify stores.

Our team will walk you through below steps for smooth onboard process:

1. Register and connect to the store

a. Ask questions about Tiksuper, from product prices, wholesale procurement, logistics and transportation to our customized services.

b. As long as you are ready, just register an account with Tiksuper, and then connect the store with Tiksuper.

2. Sync Unfulfilled Orders

a. If you’ve connected store to your Tiksuper account, our system can easily pull unfulfilled orders from your store in real time. Products in the Tiksuper Products column do not require quotation, if the products in AliExpress require a quotation process.

b. Which products you would like Tiksuper to fulfill Click Quoting in the quotation list in the order list, our team will give you a quotation within one working day. The same SKU will only generate a quotation process

c. Shipping options ship bulky/liquid/powder/built-in battery products because they require special attention.

3. Pay your first order

You can choose from Tiksuper wallet, PayPal and credit card to pay for order fulfillment. We recommend that you use Tiksuper wallet in order to enjoy the bulk payment function to speed up payment.

Due to the complexity of the payment system, you may encounter questions when making the first payment; we recommend that you place the first order/first account recharge online through a Tiksuper consultant so that we can provide real-time help.

4. Enjoy the relaxing process

From now on things will be quite easy! You just need to pay for orders and we will handle all backend. Usually we start to process your order the same day or next day after payment, depending on time difference and other adjustment such as national holiday.

Order samples and bulk purchase

a. Submit sourcing requests and our team will get you quotes in a few days.

b. On the "Successful Purchasing" page, you will see the cost of the product as well as the delivery cost selected according to different delivery destinations and delivery methods.

c. Add the product to the shopping cart, and also publish it to the store for sale

d. Select and set default shipping option. Additionally, it’s important to inform your consultant if you are shipping bulky/liquid/powder/built-in battery products, as they need special care.

e. Packaging: provide your design file for customized packaging and inserts. This comes with MOQ.

f. Inventory inventory can speed up processing and reduce overall costs. With minimum order quantity.

g.Ship inventory to warehouse in US for faster shipping to US customers. This comes with MOQ.

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