Important information: For your business, we strongly recommend that you complete the existing order and delete the products related to Tiksuper before uninstalling the Tiksuper App. After the user revokes the connection between Tiksuper and the store, Tiksuper does not assume any responsibility.

If you decide to disconnect a specific store from Tiksuper, follow the instructions below to uninstall Tiksuper App:

1. Find our store on the left function menu

2. Find the store you want to delete from your Tiksuper account and click "Remove"

The Shopify store has now been deleted from your Tiksuper account. Although the process may take several hours, you may still see Tiksuper on the “Apps” page of the Shopify store.

After canceling the integration, you will no longer be able to manage the store through Tiksuper. If you wish to reconnect, please connect the Shopify store to Tiksuper again.

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