Whenever an order is created in your store, Tiksuper will sync it back and keep track of the order updates, such as payment status, order details, shipping address etc. Tiksuper will also sync order information back to your store, such as order status, tracking information etc

After you logging into Tiksuper and go to Orders page, you will see below order statuses .

Quoting: When your store generates new orders from AliExpress products, you can choose our quotation function, receive your instructions, we will reply to you in the fastest time, 95% of the goods are cheaper than AliExpress. The same SKU only needs to be quoted once. You can download our mobile APP to easily manage merchandise orders.

pay: You haven’t paid and bought the product(s) which your customer has placed order for. The customer probably has paid full amount or partial amount, or hasn’t paid yet. In general you need to fulfill and pay for the order that customer has completed payments.

In Processing: You’ve paid to Tiksuper for the order, and Tiksuper is buying the product and having it shipped to our warehouse. It usually takes 1-3 days. If anything unexpected happens during this stage (such as item out of stock, customer provided inaccurate address), we will let? you know. The product has arrived in kedll warehouse, and we are doing final preparations such as labeling, inspection, re-packing (depends on your instructions).?

When a SKU you have been selling and an order is generated, we will automatically stock it for you

Shipping: the order has been shipped and the package is on its way to destination. the tracking number and a link for tracking will be provided, which will be synced to your store as well.

Delivered: the order is delivered according to the tracking information. It doesn’t mean your customer has received the order (for example the concierge signed for the package).

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