When will the tracking number be generated?Tiksuper starts to process order after you paying for the orders. It usually takes 1-3 days to process (which includes purchasing from supplier and pick-and-pack in our warehouse). Once shipped out from our warehouse, a tracking code will be generated.If you have connected store with Tiksuper , the tracking code will be updated to your store How to check tracking codes for my orders? How do I update tracking code to my store?After the order is shipped, a tracking code will be generated and the tracking URL will be provided at Orders page, next to the order.
It usually takes 1-3 days to process order after Tiksuper receiving payment from you. An order goes through below steps before officially shipping out:Tiksuper places order to manufacturersManufacturers ship producs to kedll’s warehouseTiksuper pick and pack parcels. Additional service such as customized packaging and inserts will be done at this stepShipping couriers take parcels from Tiksuper When above procedures completed, a tracking code will be generated and you will see it in your Tiksuper account immediately. If yo u don’t see tracking number after paying for an order, there are a few possibilities:Order was placed when our processing team is off duty: the team will purchase, pick and pack as soon as they get back to work the next day.Delay due to weekends or public holidays: our warehouse is off on Sunday and public holidays. Additional information required: Our team will hold the order and contact you.Extreme situation: the COVID-19 is slowing down manufacturing , as well as shipping and delivery. It might take 5 days for processing.There are two types of tracking codes Tiksuper providesFull shipping tracking codethe tracking code is generated by international shipping courier, such as YunExpress, 4PX, and CNE.It shows the shipping trace starts with origin countryYou can track it via 3rd party tracking tool (such as 17track) .

One or more reasons below might cause the issue:

1. the tracking code you check is the last mile tracking.If the parcel is still on route to destination country, nothing will show up with the last mile tracking. Please wait until it arrives at custom. Or, you might provide customer with the full tracking code.

2. the parcel is hold for information.Tiksuper Team will contact you if more information is requested.

3 . unexpected delay happenedLocal strikes, extreme weather and other factors might cause delay.

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