Dropshipping is a type of retail fulfillment that lets you sell products without managing your own inventory. You connect with dropshipping suppliers and source products to sell online. Customers checkout on your site, then you forward the order info to the supplier, and the supplier fulfills the order.

Unlike traditional online retail, dropshipping releases the merchant from having to fulfill their orders. That means you skip the stress and cost of manufacturing products, storing inventory and shipping to customers. So what’s left for you as a dropshipper? You’ll choose products, run marketing campaigns and provide great customer service.

Choose products. Source from independent suppliers or integrate with a dropshipping marketplace.

Import items to your online store and set your prices. You have full control over your listings and profit margins.

Accept customer orders. Shoppers find the items they want, check out and pay on your site.

Forward customer orders to the supplier. Put in your customer orders and shipping details. Then, pay the dropshipping supplier on your customers’ behalf.

Ship and fulfill orders through the supplier. Your supplier ships each order directly to your customers’ addresses. You’ll get a tracking number in the system so you can update your customers. If the supplier offers white label shipping, you can even use your own branding on the packaging.

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