1. TikSuper non-refundable service orders in the following cases:

①. Mail sent to the United States for orders over 45 days (from the date you pay to TikSuper.com) and other countries' order fulfillment time over 60 days.

②. The above situation is not suitable for the following situations: Due to irresistible factors (such as epidemics, strikes, wars, international turbulence, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons) and other orders caused by delays or losses, TikSuper will not be liable for the order .

③. Because the customer's address is incorrect or unclear, the order cannot be completed.

④. The order tracking number check shows that the order has been delivered.

⑤. Due to buyer's reasons (such as size, dislike, etc.) TikSuper does not provide refund service.

⑥. Complaints initiated by you or your customers (through PayPal disputes or other gateways, emails, etc.).

2. TikSuper will provide refund or replacement for orders under the following conditions

①. The received goods are damaged.

②. The received goods are damaged but the customer does not need to replace and reissue.

③. For special products, the direct shipper should submit a dispute and provide a picture within 5 days of receipt of the goods. After verification by TikSuper, it is confirmed that TikSuper has caused the dispute.

④. For ordinary products, the direct shipper should submit a dispute and provide a picture within 2 days of receiving the goods, and TikSuper verifies that it is TikSuper's reason for the dispute.

⑤.TikSuper has not processed your order yet.

⑥. Complaints initiated by customers due to TikSuper (through PayPal disputes or other gateways, emails, etc.).

⑦. You have checked the tracking number, it does not show any information of the movement track (the refund price within the normal aging range does not refund the freight, and the full amount of the refund exceeds the normal aging).

In the above situation, you need to provide photos of damaged items and screenshots of the received emails, so that TikSuper can deal with disputes accurately and fairly after sale.

For orders are lacking tracking information, in transit, pending, expired after 60 days counting from the date that order departed from Tiksuper warehouse, we'll process a refund then.

3. In the following cases, TikSuper can provide a 30-day free warehousing service without refund, and overtime will destroy or charge a storage fee

①. The returned order was not received due to customer reasons.

②. Due to the wrong address provided by the customer, the fulfillment of the order is blocked and returned.

Remarks: Usually TikSuper does not recommend the return of orders, because the international shipping cost is very high, and it takes more than 60 days to reach TikSuper's Chinese warehouse. Most of the returned orders will be lost or damaged during the return period. The returned goods will be charged for the returned logistics fee , Please be sure to ask your buyers to provide accurate information.

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