1. Connect to shopify store

When your shopify store is connected to tiksuper, the system will automatically synchronize your shopify store order.

2. Connect to shopify store

We can help you implement any order fulfillment for products from China, so you don’t have to worry about the fulfillment of the order when you release the product to your product.

A. You can select the products you need to sell in the tiksuper product library, add them to the import list and publish them to the store. tiksuper regularly puts on some popular and creative products. We will continue to update some exclusive products

B. When our product library cannot meet your selection needs, you can use our crawler tool to crawl AliExpress products to publish to your products, or use other crawler tools to publish to the store.

3. Order fulfillment

A. When the order item comes from the Tiksuper product library, you can directly pay for the order without other operations, and we will automatically fulfill the order.

B. When the order product comes from AliExpress, you need to actively submit a request for quotation. You can request a quotation for a single order, and it also supports batch request for quotation. When you actively request a quotation, we will complete the order quotation within one working day. Sometimes our staff will take the initiative to complete the quotation. A SKU product only needs to complete the quotation process once, and no quotation is required when an order is generated again and directly enter the payment state.

C. Why do I need to quote a product? Because the product is from AliExpress, we need to check the purchase price and the weight of the product from the manufacturer. We try our best to provide you with the cheapest price.

4. Transportation channel selection

Due to COVID-19 before paying for the order, you can choose the shipping channel according to the time requirement of the order.

5. Transportation channel selection

A. When receiving your payment order, tiksuper will complete your order by itself. If the warehouse has stock, it can be shipped on the same day before 13:00 Beijing time. When there is no inventory in the warehouse, we must go to the supplier to buy our warehouse, and it usually takes 2-5 days to complete the order processing.

B. The tiksuper system will automatically calculate the status of your order, and we will automatically stock it for you. The automatic inventory system that activates more than 10 orders per day will be activated, thereby eliminating inventory pressure.

C. You can store the goods in our warehouse yourself, so there will be no shortage.

D . After the payment is completed, the order opens after-sales service. Regarding order fulfillment, logistics issues, damaged goods, missing and wrong products in transit, you can submit relevant information in the order status. Normally reply and propose a solution within one working day.

6. After-sales problem handling

A. Fulfill the order and provide the shipping number, and the shipping number is sent to the shopify order. You can check the shipping status in the tiksuper order.

B. For after-sales problem handling, you can view the reply in support tickets.

G. For after-sales problem handling, you can view the reply in support tickets.

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