1.Business Model

A. AliExpress business model B2C, targeting global C-end buyers.

B. Tiksuper The All-In-One Dropshipping Platform That Can Help You Source And Ship Anything From China. Our goal is to make all types of shippers possible through systematic and personalized solutions. We can ship gigabit SKUs from China, provide safe stock of the best-selling products, etc. Flexible inventory planning, fast delivery and stable service.

2.Commodity resources

A. No MOQ.

B. Purchasing directly from Chinese manufacturers and signing cooperation agreements with more than 150 factories, we can customize products for everyone, such as clothing, daily necessities, household products, pet products, etc. and comprehensively enhance the competitiveness of products.

3.Brand customization

Answer: Tiksuper can customize the packaging and logo for your products, or print a custom LOGO for your products.

4.Mode of transportation

A: For any online sellers, shipping is very important because it will affect the customer's satisfaction with this purchase and whether they are willing to buy again. Tiksuper has a variety of transportation methods, you can choose the transportation method according to your time requirements. We'll also regularly update better shipping methods.

B. Tiksuper is more flexible and cheaper than AliExpress’ shipping channels. If there are multiple products in one order, you can save more shipping costs.

5.Customer Service System

A: Tiksuper provides exclusive commercial customer service for each shipper, which is very convenient for solving various problems and after-sales related work. Users can use the intercom system of the website, or add whatsapp for business customer service for daily communication.

B. Every shipper does not need to contact the owner of the AliExpress store via email.

6.Delivery time

A: The delivery time of AliExpress is limited to 7 days.

B. The time we buy from the manufacturer is 7 days, usually 3 days. It takes 1-2 days for the goods to arrive at our warehouse to check the quality, remove the Chinese packaging, repackage and ship the package. If the warehouse has inventory and also the payment is made before 13:00 Beijing time, the order can be sent out on the same day. We also have a flexible inventory system. When you connect 10 orders per day (5 days in total) and pay at tiksuper, the system will automatically count. At the same time, you can also buy and stock in our China warehouse, which will always be free.

7.Order processing

Answer: When your product is connected to the Tiksuper system to automatically synchronize the order of the store, you can find the price of the product in the order management. Usually, we will complete your product quotation and the SKU quotation within one working day. No need to quote again if there are more orders for the same products. We will manage all successful quotations for your products without contacting multiple AliExpress shop owners.

8.How to protect product privacy

Answer: When you complete the order merger through price search, we will never put your product on the tiksuper product platform. In this way, there will be no follow-up sales, and you will not see the products sold by our other customers, and the copyright issue is solved.

9.Quality control

Answer: When we buy goods from the manufacturer to our warehouse, we will conduct quality inspections, especially electronic goods will be tested first, and you can also use customized packaging boxes to pack the goods. There will not be a product like AliExpress with a lot of marketing labels.

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