product problem

1. What products can you provide?

We can help you fulfill all orders from China, or purchase any products from China

2. I want to select products and publish them to the store, what should I do if the tiksuper product does not have what I need?

You can choose AliExpress products to publish to your products, using our or other crawling tools to achieve.

3. What is the relationship between AliExpress products and you?

We have nothing to do with AliExpress. The products sold by AliExpress can be purchased from Chinese manufacturers at lower prices.

4. Isn’t the AliExpress supplier a manufacturer?

The business of Chinese product manufacturers is basically B2B, and AliExpress suppliers are basically individual sellers

5. What are your specific charges?

We only charge product fees, shipping fees, and no other fees.

6. My store’s products are released through the third application and orders are generated. What should I do?

When your store is connected to our app, the system will automatically synchronize the current unfulfilled orders, you can actively submit a quotation request, and we will complete the quotation for you within one working day.

7. Why is the shipping cost of AliExpress products lower than yours?

AliExpress product prices include a large part of the transportation costs.

8. Size problem for apparel

Most of apprel we source are Asian size. The US or EU size is 1-3 numbers bigger than the Asian size. If you are not sure about the size, please send us a note when you place the order, we'll double check with you before sourcing to make the size correct.

Performance issues

1. Why are the products that are successfully crawled not displayed and shipping costs?

We can't determine the weight of AliExpress products, so we can't calculate the shipping cost. The cost price can refer to the total price of AliExpress. When we quote your AliExpress product order, it will basically not exceed the price of AliExpress.

2. Can I use other apps to grab AliExpress products?

Yes, there are many applications of crawling tools, such as oberlo, the operation process is the same when generating an order.

order problem

1. What should I do after the product is synchronized to TIKSUPER?

If the order product comes from Tiksuper, you can directly choose the shipping method and then you can pay. If the product comes from AliExpress, you need to request a quote. We will complete the quotation request within one working day. Our staff will also take the initiative to complete the quotation for your order products when they are free.

2. Why do products from AliExpress need a quotation.

There is no product data in the tiksuper system of products from AliExpress, such as product price and weight. Through a quotation process, the tiksupe system will automatically save the data, and the same SKU only needs to complete one price search.

3. How does Tiksuper protect users' product privacy?

The product from AliExpress is quoted and fulfilled. The product will not be released to the tiksuper platform for sale, and everyone can only see their own products. This is also our tiksuper core technology.

4. Why do I need to choose express delivery for every order,

The global COVID-19 disappears, tiksuper will set the default shipping method.

5. Tiksuper quoted the product for my order. How did tiksuper understand my product and quote it.

When the order is synchronized to tiksuper, we can see the connection address of the product, and we will carefully check the products you sell and check the product parameters. Only after confirming the product will we provide you with a quotation and check the weight, and a group of people will do it behind the scenes.

6. How long will it take to ship the order after payment?

The order is received before 14:00 Beijing time, and the order can be fulfilled on the same day under the premise of inventory. When the warehouse is out of stock, we need 2-5 days to purchase from the manufacturer to our warehouse. When the product SKU sells more than 10 orders per day, our system automatically reminds you to stock your products to our Chinese warehouse.

7. How do you handle the product when it arrives in the warehouse?

When the product arrives in our warehouse, our staff will check the quality of the product, delete all relevant marketing labels, and repack it.

8. If you have paid the orders but we failed to source the products, we'll refund to you and add extra 5% of the cost for the order as compesation.

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