We want your order fulfillment process to be as smooth as possible, the below refund policy is created for our users that have issues with the orders.

In the following cases, Tiksuper will process a full refund or send replacement.

  • The customer received a damaged/defective/incorrect product.

    The customer will be required to provide photo or video evidence within 15 days of receiving the item and also the screenshot of the disputes on Paypal, emails, etc.

  • Order is lost in shipping.

  • Order is delayed.
    1. The orders to most countries like US, UK, AU, CA, EU can be delivered within 30 days, if it can't be delivered after 45 days counting from the date that the order is shipped from our warehouse, we'll issue a full refund.

    2. The shipping time to South America/Africa/Middle East/India or some remote areas may be longer than 30 days and we can ship by airmail or China post to these countries, so if it can't be delivered after 100 days counting from the date that the order is shipped from our warehouse, we'll issue a full refund.

  • Cancelled order.

    if the order is cancelled before we ship it out or we still can get the package back, we can refund it. Otherwise, it can't be refunded.

  • Product is out of stock.

    Sometimes the product may be no longer available after you place the order, we'll refund in full and also refund extra 5% of product cost as compensation.

In the following cases, Tiksuper can't accept refund.

  • The tracking shows order is deliveried.

  • Tracking info. alert, the reasons for delivery failure may be below,

    1. Insufficient/incorrect address

    2. Refused package

    3. Customs issues

    4. Unknow recipient, no such a number

    5. Unclaimed

    6. With the pandemic, sometimes the customers may need to go to local post office to pick up package, if the customer didn't do it as required, we're not responsible for that.

  • Unacceptable disputes.

    1. Intead of quality issues, customer is unsatisfied with the item or the item simply doesn't meet their expectations.

    2. Item doesn’t match the description, like the size tolerance.

    3. Item smells unusal.

    4. the product itself is intact but the product packaging is damaged.

  • Force Majeure

    We're not responsible for the damage or delay caused by epidemics, strikes, wars, international turbulence, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons.

Please kindly note that we do not accept disputes open on Paypal, bank, etc, if there are any issues with the orders, please communicate with our team or talk to your agent first. For refunds, we can refund to your Paypal or original banks, but we recommend refunding directly to your Tiksuper balance for faster processing, you can use for future orders with that.

For returns

We accept the return of items but it's not recommended. It's not necessary at all because shipping cost is expensive and it takes long time to delivery or it's even lost. If the customer demands the return, please pay attention to the below points,

  1. The items can only be returned to China warehouse.

  2. We do not provide shipping labels for sending it back to China.

  3. The customer need to cover the shipping cost.

  4. The item is still in good condition.

  5. Please return products within 10 days after receiving products and provide tracking number once returned.

If you have any questions about this policy, feel free to reach out our customer support or your agent at any time. Tiksuper is always here to help.

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